George Lawlor


Car Finishing
Router Supervision
Calming Nature

About George

Likes: Chilling with friends, football, dabbing

Dislikes: Crowded places, trains, fish

George holds the key role of Manufacturing Engineer, spending much of his time producing development car bodies using a CNC router. As well as this, he contributes towards producing the pit display and assisting Matt with manufacturing other crucial components and equipment. He shows a great work ethic and has a commitment to a consistently high quality in everything he makes.

In his spare time, George loves playing football for his team, LETEF Select FC, and supports Arsenal F.C. He also loves spending time with his friends and socialising and is known to go out for the odd drink every now and then. His laid-back personality and ability to remain calm continually provides an anchor for the team during stressful times.

As an apprentice for GSK, George is excited for his future in engineering.