Josh Schofield


Appendage Hammering

About Josh

Likes: Tennis, popcorn, motor sports

Dislikes: Poorly designed sinks, losing, getting up early

Josh is an F1 in Schools veteran and has competed four times before. He has an ambitious, competitive nature, always pushing the team to achieve their potential. As Project Manager, he has a lot of responsibilities in coordinating the team’s activities and ensuring deadlines are met. As well as this, he has a natural flair for public speaking, allowing him to present projects with confidence and a unique charm.

In his own time, Josh likes to play tennis with friends, and as an avid cricket fan, he closely follows the England cricket team. His interest in motorsports developed as he continued competing in the F1 in Schools competition, and Fernando Alonso of McLaren has become his favourite Formula 1 driver. He is currently flat sharing with Matt, whom he has entered the competition with several times before.

Josh, along with Toby, is an Engineering Apprentices for the National Physical Laboratory, and is looking forward to starting work in the Summer.