Matthew Watkins


Computer Aided Design
Router Supervision

About Matt

Likes: Wheels, volleyball, chips (fries)

Dislikes: Bad chicken nuggets, lasagna, vegetables

Matt is an F1 in Schools veteran and has competed four times before, giving him valuable experience in car manufacturing. He takes pride in his role, spending much of his time developing CAD designs for equipment such as our custom router jig and the setup for our wind tunnel testing, consisting of a table laser cut from acrylic and a shaft to hold the car in place. He is an ace machinist and can consistently work to within ±0.1mm accuracy.

In his own time, Matt likes to play volleyball and used to compete regularly in the London Youth Games. As well as this, he enjoys running, having ran a half marathon in just over two hours in February 2017. He also thoroughly enjoys his food, and his best time for eating twenty chicken nuggets is a speedy 2:20! He is currently sharing a flat with Josh, and so is able to get a lot of work done at home with the Project Manager constantly to hand.

As an Engineering Apprentice for Imperial College, he has high hopes for the future.