Our Cars


TR-1 was our proud entry to the 2017 London and South East Regional Final. It achieved a fantastic time of 1.108 seconds, and we think the success lies in its efficient aerodynamic package and the precision manufacturing of the wheels. Despite the car breaking a critical regulation due to manufacturing errors in the body, we found it to be a solid foundation for further improvement and allowed us to carry forward its strengths and learn from its weaknesses.


The TR-2 encompasses the best of the TR-1 in its aerodynamics. By creating a custom block fixture for machining the body, we were able to manufacture it far more accurately than before. As well as this, developments in the wings, bearings and LERS design enabled the TR-2 to get an improved time of 1.094. We will undoubtedly carry all we've learnt from both of our cars into researching and developing our World Finals car.