Supporting Mind

We are proud to be supporting Mind, for better mental health. We feel that mental health is an extremely important issue which can be difficult to tackle due to the social stigma surrounding the subject. Mind provides advice and support to individuals suffering with mental health problems, as well as advocating for the improvement of services and promoting a better understanding of the subject.

As well as the importance of the issue in general, Mind means a lot to us as we have a member who has suffered with mental health issues in the past. This firsthand experience has allowed us to develop an understanding of not only how difficult it can be to live with a mental illness, but how often it can be overlooked or dismissed.

In an industry as high-pressure and fast-moving as engineering, work can easily become the main focus of a person's life, and for some who are passionate, this is not a problem. However, it can be difficult to balance with other important aspects of life, and finding time to relax and release stress is key. As apprentices, we have become aware of the challenges faced when trying to balance our work, education, extra-curricular activities and our home lives. This has lead to a level of stress that can be difficult to manage, more for some than others, but we have found our own ways of coping.

Please help us to support Mind at the World Finals at Kuala Lumpur by visiting our stand for information leaflets or to make a donation. You can also visit to find out more or to make a donation online.