Toby Thomson


Computer Aided Design
Graphic Design
Web Development

About Toby

Likes: SolidWorks, new shoes, sleep

Dislikes: Spicy food, non-phonetic spelling, being pranked

Toby is the youngest member of the team, but has already gathered a vast knowledge of engineering through his own personal projects. His role as CAD and Graphic Designer sees him spending a lot of time producing 3D models of various car designs, along with artwork and content for the team’s portfolios and pit display.

In his own time, Toby likes to work on his own projects such as his own website for hosting games of extreme tic tac toe, as well as a 3D printer he designed himself and is in the process of manufacturing.

One of two Engineering Apprentices on the team from the National Physical Laboratory, he can’t wait to begin his career.