Why Green?

The importance of green engineering

Green engineering is becoming more and more important in a world where our impacts on the environment are starting to take their toll. Ice melting and deforestation are problems too large for a group of six apprentices to tackle by ourselves, but if more people are willing to make small changes, we can see a brighter, greener future. We've taken on board the need to be held accountable for our impact on the environment, and are acting to change the way we work and the materials we use.


Using a telescopic axel and clip-on clip-off magnetic front and rear wings has helped us reduce the amount of materials used in our testing. This is great for both our budget and the environment!


Since the National Final, we've designed a set of easily transportable graphic banners to take to events to cut out the need for paper graphics. These banners have been re-used for several events, and also helped us to win the Best Performing Stand at the Kingston Business Expo 2017!


Our pit displays have so far been made of paper, pine wood and aluminium which are recyclable, and MDF which is made of recycled wood.

Footprints are Favourable

Many of our resources have been collected from local suppliers, accessible from our College within a short walking distance. For our longer trips, we favour public transport or our shared minibus; in an area as densely populated as London, utilising the great transport facilities available to us helps to keep the air clean.